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The Washington Law Center is quickly emerging as a premiere consumer law firm. We are the number you call when you’ve been injured , or when you need some help. Through our attorney-centered, client focused approach, we can offer a more comprehensive solution than all other firms out there. If we don’t practice in the area in which you need help- we have an excellent referral.

We believe that our success comes from helping people. The guiding star by which we sail is a sustained effort in providing the best solution to any given problem. For that reason, when you need help attaining justice or relief, you should call the Washington Law Center.


Social Security Disability & SSI Attorneys

Social Security Disability Attorney

The aging of America and recent, harsh economic realities have resulted in a massive increase in Social Security Disability benefit filings in the last few years. Like never before, the number of denied disability claims is also rising. The majority of successful claims in Washington will be represented by counsel, and the Social Security Administration's own review of its disability program indicates that the single biggest indicator of whether a claim is likely to be awarded is how soon the claimant obtained an attorney to assist. Please let our experienced Social Security Disability lawyers assist you, on a contingency basis. We agree that we will not be paid unless and until we can win your case.

Washington Bankruptcy Attorneys

Bankruptcy Claim Attorney Lawyer

The founders of this great nation recognized that bankruptcy rights are an essential consumer protection in any free society. America leads the world in bankruptcy law innovation, which means ensuring that consumers can defend themselves against creditors, and impossible debts can be restructured or discharged. Every day, our Washington Bankruptcy Attorneys lead consumers to a fresh start, restored credit, and freedom from the worries and pain which always come from excessive debt. Let our experienced Bankruptcy Lawyers assist you to file either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy today.

Washington Workers' Compensation Attorneys

Workers Compensation Lawsuit Attorney

In Washington state, Workers' Compensation is also called "Labor and Industries," or "L&I." Our experienced lawyers help Washington's injured workers obtain disputed or increased time-loss benefits, medical authorizations, vocational retraining, permanent partial disability awards, injury pensions, debt forgiveness, and compromise and release agreements (i.e., "workers' compensation settlements"). We will fight to establish disputed claims, persuade claim managers to issue all appropriate benefits, seek sanctions for inappropriate conduct, and appeal adverse orders and decisions to the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals or higher courts (where appropriate).

Serious Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Attorneys

Personal Injury Accident Attorney

If you were hurt by the negligence of another individual, or due to a faulty or defective product or medical device, our personal injury lawyers will evaluate your claim quickly and then seek maximum available damages from all available parties. Sometimes a personal injury suit exists and people are unaware. For instance, those who have been injured while on the job may have been told that they cannot file a personal injury action, but that is not always the case. Hit and run accident where the offending driver wasn't caught? Such complexities as this may not stop you from recovering for your pain and suffering, but you must act quickly once you are injured as statutes of limitation apply. Let our personal injury lawyers fight to obtain the highest-available injury compensation in your case.

Washington Attorneys For All Other Subject Matters

lawsuit attorneys

Washington Law Center affiliates with attorneys in all possible subject matter areas so that we can provide any legal service needed by Washington residents. Whether it is for Family Law, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Class Action Suits or any other subject matter, please contact Washington Law Center today.

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If you or a loved one has been injured by a product or accident, are running through financial problems, or the state is delaying your social security or workers compensation claim, the experienced lawyers of Washington Law Center can help. Fill out the free case review on the upper right of the page and one of our attorneys or legal representatives will contact you. Our firm has a "No Fee Promise". If we do not win your case, you do not owe a dime. We are confident that if we take on your case, we have the law on our side. Even if you have a situation other than the ones we list here, we are in contact with a very large referral system, and we will be able to get your case information to someone who can help. Please do not delay in getting a hold of us. Time in not on anyones side. The sooner you get legal help the better your chance of gaining a positive outcome.