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Meet Our Staff

The staff at Washington Law Center has decades of combined experience. Whether you are meeting with one of our gifted attorneys, experienced paralegals or our friendly front office staff, Washington Law Center differentiates itself with the extraordinary people that work for you.


Our team is dedicated to putting in the time, attention, and resources necessary to win your case.

Video Transcript: Teamwork and Staff at Washington Law Center

ATTORNEY ASHTON DENNIS: There are a couple really important things that I would want people to know about Washington Law Center -that being the attorneys, the team, everyone involved is dedicated to every single case. We are not a firm where partners or the attorneys are hands off. Each case gets the attention that it needs and, more importantly, dedicated the resources, the time, the energy that’s needed to be, in what our opinion is, a success.


ATTORNEY SPENCER PARR: I think we stand out by the quality of our people. We have basically all 18 staff from our clerks, our paralegals, even our front desk, and certainly our attorneys. Everybody has been recruited with care. Everybody has just a driving passion to make sure that the clients are well represented and if it is at all possible, they win. That’s our mission. We accomplish it.


ATTORNEY LISA HILDNER: I think it’s the dynamic between Ashton and Spencer and how they get along, and how they are regular guys. They have families, they have previous experience which allows them to be honest with people. It’s just their genuine concern for helping their neighbor


ATTORNEY DANIEL SWINFORD: The teamwork aspect here is phenomenal and it really takes that team to get the best results. We have a great set of teachers. We have a great set of case managers and paralegals. Everybody relies on everybody else to get the job done. The attorneys obviously do a fantastic job of getting exactly what the client wants. 


ATTORNEY REBECCA STURGIS: Law firms can be such a spectrum and so you have to be careful who you choose to have on your side. One of the reasons our employees are so happy, our clients are so happy, is that once they meet Spencer, or meet Ashton, they understand what they’re all about; so, you know, they know that they’re getting the right person on their side. 

Operations Director

Our Staff - Operations Director - Rebecca Strugis

Rebecca Sturgis

Rebecca has been with Washington Law Center since 2013. She was born and raised in Kent, Washington and attended Central Washington University where she obtained her BA in Law and Justice with a minor in Economics.

As the Operations Director, Rebecca continues to implement procedures to help the firm run smoothly day in and day out. Her favorite thing about working at WLC are the values of the partners as well as their genuine care to use every resource available to better the lives of their clients, community, and employees.In her free time, Rebecca enjoys live music, working out, and cooking.

Office Manager

Our office managers help keep the partners, associates, and support staff organized to ensure that each case gets the attention it deserves. Because the attorneys at Washington Law Center are fully invested in every client’s case, it takes the support of outstanding office leadership to be successful.


Carrie Deutsch

Office Manager/Intake Specialist


It takes a high level of knowledge, training, and teamwork to achieve the results that Washington Law Center obtains for the community. Our paralegals are a direct extension of our attorneys. Everyone communicates effectively and shares the goal of being the best resource possible for our clients. When you speak with any one of our talented paralegals, rest assured that you are in good hands.

Our Staff - Workers Compensation Senior Paralegal - Sheryl Pot

Sheryl Pot

workers' compensation senior paralegal
Our Staff - Personal Injury Litigation Paralegal - Jennifer Cott

Jennifer Cott

litigation paralegal
Our Staff - Personal Injury Litigation Paralegal - Jessica White

Jessica White

personal injury paralegal
Our Staff - Workers Compensation - L&I Paralegal - Jose Medrano

Jose Medrano

workers' compensation paralegal

Tori LeCause

workers' compensation paralegal

Ethan Fetz

workers' compensation paralegal

Taia Allen

workers' compensation paralegal

Isaroh Jagolino

workers' compensation paralegal

Rosalyn Nunn

workers' compensation paralegal

Keren Ferman

workers' compensation paralegal

Jeffery Smith

Personal Injury Paralegal

Support Staff

Every team member plays an important role at Washington Law Center. They work hard to ensure all of our clients receive the help they need to achieve a positive outcome for their case. We are grateful to have a wonderful support staff that continues to grow, boost morale, and keep our offices running smoothly.

Our Staff - Injury Law Firm Receptionist - Carolina Cambray

Carolina Cambray

Legal Assistant

Natalie Larson


Payton Lamkin

Our Staff - Injury Law Firm Bookkeeper - Inna Shkrabak

Inna Shkrabak


Gazette McCarthey

chief morale officer
Our Staff - Law Firm Bookkeeper - Svetlana Glazkova

Svetlana Glazkova


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