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Labor & Industries (L&I) Video Archive

Understanding L&I and The Claims Process

Washington Law Center is a team of seasoned trial attorneys, paralegals, and support staff that have an unyielding dedication to helping injured and disabled workers in Washington.

Who Can File an L&I Claim?

Occupational Disease Claims

The experienced injury attorneys at Washington Law Center are here to make sure that you have the opportunity to receive fair compensation and justice for the impact that this accident has had on your life. Don’t let the insurance company get their hands on your case and try to convince you to settle for less than you deserve.

Sexual Abuse Attorney Videos

If you have been impacted by sexual abuse, whether it happened in the past or something you experienced recently, the sexual abuse lawyers at Washington Law Center can help.

Other Personal Injury Attorney Videos

Washington Law Center is here to protect you and your family’s overall quality of life and recover for medical costs, lost wages, and most importantly, the pain and suffering that you have experienced during this difficult time from injury.

Meet Washington Law Center’s Personal Injury Attorneys

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Injury Attorney Reviews - Top Rated Injury Law Firm in Washington - Washington Law Center

Client Reviews

I’m going to say that all cases are different & it’s hard getting results on your own. It’s better to get an attorney on your side, pushing for positive results. Here everyone’s nice and professional. Hidden gem they have coffee and candy. If you’re at a loss, contact them as soon as possible.

Was only on the phone for a couple minutes before Spencer Parr picked up. Even though my case isnt on their radar Spencer gave me the time and wisdom about my situation.

This is the absolute best Law Center I have ever dealt with. I have used this law center and had “Mr. Spencer Parr” representing me and he and his team are wonderful people. Absolutely satisfied with the outcome on my case. I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to use this law firm as they are all great and respectful people!!

We have so many great things to say about Ashton, Andy, Alden, and Jennifer! Our case was difficult and we put our trust in Washington Law Firm and we were not disappointed! These people are knowledgeable, compassionate, understanding, and real! We can honestly say that even if our case did not end up in our favor we would still be leaving this 5 star review! Thank you Washington Law Firm!


Here when you need us most.

We understand that accidents can happen at all hours of the day. If you find you need assistance after hours, please call our 24/7 consultation line.


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