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Careers at Washington Law Center

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Hear From Our Employees

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One of the things I love most about working at Washington Law Center is that the people are amazing. I’m surrounded by people who not only love what they do, but are driven by a passion for helping others.

At Washington Law Center, we believe in doing right by our clients. We fight to empower our clients, do right by our community, and we believe those who share our vision and further our cause are invaluable members of the community.

Commitment to Community

One of many ways we’re able to show how grateful we are to live and work here in Washington is our unique Give 1 Campaign. Washington Law Center’s ‘We Give’ initiative is an effort to make our community and our world a better place for everyone.

Washington Law Center launched the Give 1 Campaign years ago to provide monetary support to local charities. Give 1 permits each one of our personal injury clients to donate a portion of our attorney fees to a charity of their choosing.

This is just one of the many ways we’re able to express our gratitude to live and work in the beautiful state of Washington. We’re so thankful to be a part of this community and are happy to see the impact our donations have made in the community.

We are equally blessed to donate our time to bettering the lives of others. Whether that be building with Habitat for Humanity, shopping for school supplies for underserved members of our community, or simply donating blood in times of need, the people of Washington Law Center are committed to making the world a better place.

Resolution of Conflict

V1: Washington Law Center is staffed by some of the most gifted and talented attorneys in the world. These attorneys all embrace fairness and equity in the workplace. As an employee of Washington Law Center, you will have a say in the direction we take to serve others. We listen, we engage, and we move forward together.

V2: Don’t let the fact that you’re signing up to work with some of the most powerful lawyers in Washington intimidate you – while we can raise some of the best arguments you’ve ever heard, there are no office politics in play here. Everyone has a say regardless of their position, and we take important conversations in regards to conflict seriously.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Our vision is to create a culture of equity and inclusion that appreciates, honors, and leverages diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We do this by listening to and engaging with our DEI Committee, DEI Talent Acquisition subcommittee, and Employee Resource Groups.

A career at Washington Law Center is more than just a job – we love what we do, the people we serve, and the people we do it with. Our team is made up of diverse individuals who are committed to doing good for others.


It’s important to take care of yourself before you’re able to take care of others. We offer a competitive benefits package that includes medical, dental, and vision insurance.


Your health is made up of more than just what’s on the inside. We encourage work-life balance, and mental health days are a huge part of that. Plus, we’ll reimburse your gym membership and provide ergonomic desk accessories like chairs, convertible standing desks, keyboards, and more.


At Washington Law Center, we offer competitive compensation as well as life insurance, long term disability insurance, vacation, sick and holiday pay, and performance bonuses.

Professional Development

• Performance bonuses
• Employee development/continued learning
• Your growth matters to us

We encourage professional development in our employees and do our best to help you reach your full potential.


What’s work without a bit of fun? You’ll have access to our company season tickets for Seattle sports teams, company lunches, events in the Washington Law Center Mariners’ Game Suite, a Waterfront midday lunch to celebrate 10 year anniversaries, and of course, office snacks and drinks.


At Washington Law Center, we appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this hardworking, compassionate, and diverse community. We give back as much as we can by providing our employees with paid time off to donate blood, paid time off for our employees to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, and more. We pack boxes for troops and every year, we go school supplies shopping for foster kids as a group.

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