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Jonathan Burr


Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Top-Rated Attorney

About Jonathan

Jonathan Burr is a litigation attorney who represents workers injured on the job. He has extensive experience with workers’ compensation as well as Labor & Industries (L&I) related cases. Jonathan provides consultations at both our Kitsap County office on Bainbridge Island as well as at our Tukwila office.

Before joining the Washington Law Center, Jonathan represented companies across Washington with matters related to workplace injuries, professional licensing, and the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA).

Raised in Northern California, Jonathan completed an undergraduate degree at UC Davis and then joined the US Army. He served as both an enlisted soldier and an Officer involved in Combined Armed Forces missions. He left the military to pursue his legal education, obtaining his law degree from the University of the Pacific.

Jonathan has called the Pacific Northwest home for the better part of a decade. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, doing work around the yard, and volunteering with Kitsap Legal Services.

Education & Accolades

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology, UC Davis
  • Juris Doctor, University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law

Membership & Activity

  • Washington State Bar Association
  • Admitted to practice in Washington State Courts
  • Kitsap Legal Services

Washington Law Center in Action

We are an injury law firm in Washington focused on our clients and the community we serve. We are here for you during difficult times, we are solution oriented, and we get results.

Don’t let large corporations, insurance companies, or your employer convince you that they have all the power. Choose Washington Law Center to fight for you!

Video Transcript: Why Washington Law Center?

ATTORNEY ASHTON DENNIS: Washington Law Center is strictly client-focused. We are always, always worried about making sure that they understand what’s going on throughout the process because ultimately we hear that that’s the one of the biggest attractors between attorneys and public, is a sense that they think that they’re disconnected and don’t understand what’s going on. I think that that’s the exact opposite of what people would get here at Washington Law Center.


ATTORNEY SPENCER PARR: We have litigation experience that we will put up against anyone. We have verdicts that are news-making verdicts. We have a reputation in the community as a firm where if we lock on to a case, and we tell you we’re going to drive it home, we are going to drive it home.


ATTORNEY ASHTON DENNIS: We strive and do our very best to take the cases that other firms wouldn’t because they’re not just cookie-cutter, simple cases. Those are the cases that I truly think distinguish us from the other attorneys out there.


ATTORNEY SPENCER PARR: When people hire us, one of the things that they experiences that the cares if they’re case, the things that have been consuming them, the worries, the anxiety, all of that worried and trepidation, that is essentially shifted onto the professional, responsible shoulders of the attorney at Washington Law Center. We are not a mill. We want to get to know our clients. You’re free to come in and meet with us anytime about questions that are going on in your case. Our communication, our dedication, our zeal, our absolute passion to present the rights of our clients and vindicate their position is what differentiates us from many others.


ATTORNEY ASHTON DENNIS: You have the opportunity to hire any attorney out there that you want. I truly believe our results stand up to any firm out there. But, you will find a personal experience. You will find someone that’s going to dedicate whatever time, whatever resources, whatever amount of money, whatever amount of energy is needed to be successful in your case, coupled with the access to your team because that’s what we are: we are your team.


ATTORNEY SPENCER PARR: We cannot give up because our clients need us to stand through the fire, through doubts, fight the fight and get the job done. We never lose focus on the mission. The mission is our client’s life. We protect it. We promote it.


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