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How Best to Handle Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

A work-related injury can be devastating. There are many challenges when good health is lost to injury or occupational disease.  Finances are depleted while the worker receives less than full pay, loss of employer-sponsored healthcare insurance, and misses out on overtime opportunities not to mention the chance to earn performance-based bonuses. There is a toll on the mental health of everyone involved as fear and anxiety become a byproduct of the injury. There is also the inevitable impact, sometimes catastrophic, on the injured worker’s family as relationships can be irreparably altered by the changes brought by a severe injury. That is where a workers’ compensation claim can help improve the situation… if you follow the rules.

With all of these concerns in play, how does the injured worker prevent their worker’s compensation claim from going south?

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Psychological Treatment Under the L&I System

Understanding Psychological Treatment Under the L&I System There is a natural psychological impact on any worker who has been seriously injured and/or unable to work for a long period of time.  The most common psychological conditions are the  result of a psychosocial fallout of serious injuries or occupational diseases are…

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