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Delayed-Emergent Disc Herniation – How To Interpret Persistent Low Back Pain in the Absence of Positive MRI Findings?

How Should Physicians and Patients Interpret Persistent Low Back Pain in the Absence of Positive MRI Findings? Is a Delayed-Emergent Disc Herniation to Blame? A sprain/strain injury of the lumbar spine can result in delayed-emergent disc herniation via the mechanism of accelerated degenerative disc disease. The lumbar spine is supported…

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Are the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Disease and Injury Causation a Credible Resource?

The AMA Guides are widely used by IME physicians who consistently testify on behalf of defense interests in workers’ compensation matters.  By contrast, Washington Law Center indicates that this publication has fallen into general disrepute by those who represent injured workers as well as advocates of efficient workers’ compensation schemes.…

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What is a Reasonable Commuting Distance?

When an employer makes a return-to-work job offer to an injured worker, the job that is offered must be within a reasonable commuting distance in order for the job offer to be deemed valid. A reasonable commuting distance is determined by looking at the considerations set forth at WAC 296-19A-010(4),…

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Washington Workers’ Comp Legal Causation Standards

Determining Work-Relatedness (“Causal Relationship”) in Washington State Industrial Insurance Act matters: In completing causation analysis, objective physicians must consider the following applicable legal standards:      a. An injured worker becomes eligible for Industrial Insurance Act coverages (medical or wage loss indemnity benefits such as time loss, LEP, PPD or…

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