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Who Is Charles Peterson, M.D.? | Washington IME Doctor | Washington Law Center

Who is Charles Peterson, M.D.?

Who is Charles Peterson, M.D.?

There are multiple physicians named Charles Peterson, nationally, but this article references only that Charles Peterson, MD, who has routinely performed Independent Medical Examinations (“IME exams”) for the Department of Labor & Industries and Self-Insured Employers in the state of Washington. Please note that the entirety of this article is solely the exclusive opinion of its author, Spencer D. Parr, co-founder of Washington Law Center, regarding Dr. Charles Peterson.

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L&I Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Do L&I Vocational Rehabilitation Services Actually Benefit You?

What Vocational Rehabilitation Services are Available under the Industrial Insurance Act?

The following Vocational Rehabilitation Services are available under Washington State’s Industrial Insurance Act pursuant to WAC 296-19A-020(a)-(l):

  • Gathering an industrially-injured or ill worker’s work and/or education histories and physical capacities information
  • Assessing an industrially-injured or ill worker’s employability
  • Developing, documenting, and writing vocational rehabilitation plans
  • Monitoring an injured worker’s progress during training
  • Writing retraining progress reports and submitting these to the Department of Labor and Industries
  • Analyzing and documenting the transferable skills of the injured or ill worker and writing a transferable skills analysis
  • Performing occupational research
  • Conducting labor market surveys and writing labor market survey reports
  • Conducting and writing job analyses
  • Communicating with industrially-injured or ill workers, employers, physicians, and others
  • Developing job modifications and worksite modifications, as well as pre-employment accommodations, and writing reports for this work
  • Performing work to obtain any job with any employer for injured workers referred for vocational services

An injured worker with an astute eye will immediately realize that many of the so-called “services” provided by a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (VRC) assigned either by the Department of Labor & Industries or the Self-Insured Employer (usually acting through a Third-Party Administrator or TPA) are contrary to the interests of the injured or ill worker who believes they cannot work. In this sense, WAC 296-19A-020 provides for “disservices” to the injured workers, and the defense interests know this well!

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Are You Employable After Your Work Injury?

Under Washington Administrative Code, Chapter 296-19A, the Department of Labor and Industries has outlined requirements for finding an injured worker capable of either returning to work or being retrained. If the Department finds that the injured worker is not “employable” even with the assistance of retraining, then an injury pension…

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