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What is an IME or Independent Medical Exam in Washington?

So you’ve been informed that you have to adhere to an IME in the state of Washington…

As an injured worker in Washington, you may be wondering, “Do I have to comply with an IME request?” The answer, unfortunately, is yes.

You will need to go the IME doctor in order to retain your benefits and uphold the standing of your injury claim. Before you go to your IME, it is advised that you speak with an injury attorney about your case so you can learn what watch out for and how to conduct yourself during the exam.

An Experienced L&I Attorney’s Opinion on IMEs in Washington:

  • 19/20 IMEs come back anti-worker or anti-injured party
  • The results can be held against you by other parties involved (employer, insurer, or the Department of Labor & Industries)
  • Medical professional have weaponized their credentials – Learn More

What Else Should I Know About Independent Medical Exams in Washington?

You’ll likely have to visit an IME provider, such as:

  • MES Solutions

  • OMAC (Objective Medical Assessment Corp)

  • ExamWorks

  • Direct IME

  • Auto Injury Solutions

At these facilities, you will be assessed by an IME doctor. Because IME evaluations are extremely personal and the outcome is important to your livelihood, you want to trust that you will receive an unbiased assessment of your injuries. Unfortunately, that is often not the case.


After many years helping injured clients and listening to their experiences, we suggest that you speak with one of our experienced personal injury and L&I attorneys about your injury case prior to going to your IME.

If not, you might find yourself in a situation where your IME results are being used against you by an insurer, employer, or the Department of Labor & Industries to fight your completely valid claim. Learn More Here.


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USAA and Auto Injury Solutions IMEs

In the same way that IMEs are used to assist employers and insurance companies with reducing settlements for an injured party, USAA uses Auto Injury Solutions to diminish the claims of victims of accident injuries.

USAA and Auto Injury Solutions unethically pays out of state doctors to review your claim and deny you payment. This denial saves USAA a tremendous amount of money each year. If you have had your benefits cut by USAA and Auto Injury Solutions, we suggest that you call us immediately so we can review your case together.


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Spencer Parr

Partner, Labor & Industries / Personal Injury Attorney
Personal Injury Attorney - Ashton Dennis - Tacoma, WA - Washington Law Center

Ashton Dennis

Partner, Personal Injury Attorney
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