Workplace Knee Injury Attorneys

If you’re in need a total knee replacement (TKR) due to a work-related injury, our attorneys can help you get the compensation and medical benefits you deserve.

Slip and falls, hard impacts, unnatural turning or stopping and much more of a normal workday can lead to long-term knee pain, or in some cases, a major knee injury which requires surgery. If you’ve suffered an on-the-job knee injury, you are covered by your company’s insurance and are entitled to monetary compensation. In extreme cases the injury you’ve suffered at work will require a total knee replacement. Your employer is liable for the cost associated with this procedure.

When you have total knee replacement surgery, your company’s workers’ compensation benefits will cover any medical bills. They will also pay for your physical therapy, out of pocket expenses and lost wages while you are unable to work.

Physical symptoms that can lead to a total knee replacement can include, but are not limited to:

  • Knee Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Popping
  • Swelling
  • Limited Range of Motion
  • Sensitivity to Pressure
Workplace Knee Injury Attorneys

If you think that you’ve suffered a workplace knee injury you should report it your employer as soon as possible. After alerting your employer of the injury, you need to consult a physician and an experienced occupational injury attorney about your claim.

The attorneys of Washington Law Center have spent years handling workplace injury cases. We are skilled at helping employees get the proper level of reimbursement for this debilitating injury. We look to cover all costs related to the surgery including lost wages, pain and suffering and any other financial challenges that could arise from total knee replacement. Our team will handle your claim while navigating the red tape.

Washington Law Center will make this process as easy as possible for you. This is also why we offer a free consultation upfront to go over your case before you get in over your head. Let our workplace injury attorneys do the work for you!

We fight, you win.

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Knee Injury and Total Knee Replacement FAQ

  • What jobs usually have the highest number of knee injuries?

    What jobs usually have the highest number of knee injuries?

    Occupations where employees spend a majority of the day on their feet can lead to unnatural turning or stopping, abnormal side to side movements, repetitive motions and more. This is generally found, but not limited to, these types of jobs:

    • Construction Workers
    • Delivery People
    • Auto Mechanics
    • Loading Dock Workers
    • Nurses & Doctors
    • Waiters & Waitresses
    • Flight Attendants
    • Retail Employees

  • What's the proper treatment for workplace knee injuries?

    What’s the proper treatment for workplace knee injuries?

    Most workplace injuries are minor strains and sprains to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the knee. More serious injuries can lead to a total knee replacement. This is generally the last resort.

    Many common treatments for minor knee injuries include:

    • Resting and keeping weight off of the knee
    • Elevating the knee to reduce swelling
    • Alternating ice & heat to reduce the bruising around the affected area
    • Compression to restrict any unneccessary movement
    • Whirlpool treeatment

  • How long does pain last after total knee replacement?

    How long does pain last after total knee replacement?

    If you’ve received a total knee replacement as the result of a workplace injury, you may be wondering when you’ll be able to get back to work again.

    Here are some important timelines when it comes to how long you’ll be dealing with a total knee replacement:

    • The average hospital stay for a total knee replacement is 3-5 days.
    • Total knee replacement recipients will return to most activities with 3 months.
    • Swelling and inflammation in your knee joint and surrounding tissue can last for 3-6 months.
    • A full recovery from a TKR can take anywhere from 6 month to 1 year to recover fully.

    Our attorneys will work hard to ensure that you are compensated for any work that you miss, as well as any additional costs that are associated with your total knee replacement.

  • How long does a total knee replacement last?

    If your job has put you in a situation that ultimately caused enough damage for you to need a total knee replacement, you’re likely wondering how long your total knee replacement will last as you’d like to not have to incur this same type of invasive surgery again. Current data sugests that you have a 90-95% chance that your your artificial joint will last 10 years, and a 80-65% that your TKR will last 20 years.

    How long does a total knee replacement last?

  • What if you've had complications after your total knee replacement?

    If you’ve already had a total knee replacement and you’re now experienceing complications, you potentailly have a case against your surgeon or health care provider.

    Common risks and side effects associated with knee replacement surgery can include:

    • Infection (which potentially could require another surgery)
    • Loss of range of motion or movement
    • Nerve damage
    • Pulmonary embolisms (blood clots in the legs)
    • Chronic stiffness and/or pain

    If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms, you may be eligible for a medical malpractice lawsuit and should contact the medical malpractice attorney of Washington Law Center for your free case review today.

    What if you’ve had complications after your total knee replacement?

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