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2022 L&I Time Loss Rate and Cost Of Living Adjustments (COLA)

2023-2024 Washington State Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) & Maximum and Minimum Time-Loss Rate for Workers’ Compensation

What is the 2023-2024 Cost of Living Adjustment in Washington State? Washington State’s Statutory Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for 2023-2024 provides a 2.01% increase.  The increase is according to the Employment Security Department’s findings that the average annual wage in Washington State increased from $82,508 in 2021 to $84,167.00…

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What is a Reasonable Commuting Distance?

When an employer makes a return-to-work job offer to an injured worker, the job that is offered must be within a reasonable commuting distance in order for the job offer to be deemed valid. A reasonable commuting distance is determined by looking at the considerations set forth at WAC 296-19A-010(4),…

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