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Hanford Nuclear Site Workers Compensation Claims

Managing Workers’ Compensation Claims for Hanford Nuclear Site Workers

August 20th, 2018 Posted by Labor & Industries 0 comments on “Managing Workers’ Compensation Claims for Hanford Nuclear Site Workers”

After a multi-year battle spearheaded by the attorneys at Washington Law Center, a Hanford nuclear site worker exposed to toxic chemicals over the course of his employment was finally paid the benefits he’s been owed for years. Getting three years of benefits paid was a huge win for our client.

The Department of Energy fought us every step of the way, forcing us to spend thousands of dollars and hire multiple attorneys to get the benefits to which all Washington workers are entitled.

New legislation passed this year will help other Hanford workers pursue their claims without the same difficulties. Washington Law Center is poised to help these deserving worker’s get what’s owed to them.

The Hanford is a former nuclear production facility where the U.S. government produced plutonium for use in nuclear weapons. The site was decommissioned in 1989.

The area has become an environmental cleanup site as the federal government attempts to remediate the millions of gallons of radioactive waste now stored there. The Hanford nuclear site is currently the most contaminated nuclear site in the United States and the focus of our nation’s largest environmental cleanup.

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