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Puyallup Sexual Abuse Attorneys

Were you a victim of sexual abuse?

Whether you’ve experienced sexual abuse recently or in the past, our experienced sexual abuse attorneys in Puyallup at Washington Law Center are here to help and offer support. We receive inquiries almost daily from individuals of all ages and genders who have suffered from sexual abuse, often during their school years.

If it happened to you, you’re not alone. We get calls almost every single day from people of all ages and genders that were victims of sexual abuse, often when they were young children.

Washington Law Center attorneys are here to listen to your story and provide you with a safe environment to share. We are committed to understanding the impact of your experience on your life, regardless of when it occurred, so we can pursue justice on your behalf.

Free Case Consultation

You don’t have to endure your pain alone. At Washington Law Center, our dedicated sexual abuse attorneys in Puyallup provide a complimentary, no-obligation case evaluation.

You don’t have to suffer in silence. If you have unanswered questions or seek guidance from a lawyer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Statute of Limitations for Sexual Abuse in Puyallup

The statute of limitations determines the timeframe within which you can file a lawsuit following an unjust act. While Washington state offers some flexibility in its statute of limitations for sexual abuse cases, understanding how to navigate the law is crucial.

Even if the sexual abuse occurred years ago during your childhood, it’s important to recognize that you still have legal options. At Washington Law Center in Puyallup, our sexual abuse attorneys possess decades of experience advocating for clients across various sexual abuse cases.

Case Results From Past Clients

Sexual Abuse by School Teacher

Settlement with Marysville School District for $4,500,000 along with a written apology for sexual abuse to three students by a longtime teacher and cheerleading adviser in mid-1980s. (2022)

Youth Abused in Foster Care

D.Y. v. DSHS resulted in a $1,600,000 settlement for a man that was repeatedly abused as a child in multiple foster care settings where he and his siblings were placed. (2018)

Prolonged Child Abuse in Foster Care

In K.F. v. DSHS involving a child and his/her adoptive parents, $1,500,000 was recovered due to negligent placement in foster care that led to horrific prolonged abuse of the child. (2017)

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Puyallup Sexual Abuse Attorney Resources

Was I Sexually Abused?

It’s natural to question whether you’ve been abused or if you have a viable case. Many young individuals who have endured abuse are subjected to grooming tactics and coerced into engaging in sexual conduct. As a result of this manipulation, they may not perceive themselves as victims or come to this realization until adulthood.

Questioning whether or not you were abused or if you have a case is very common. Many young individuals who have suffered abuse are groomed and then convinced to participate in sexual conduct. Because of this manipulation, they often don’t believe they are victims or don’t realize it until they are adults. We believe victims deserve justice for all forms of sexual abuse. At Washington Law Center in Puyallup, we understand the complexities surrounding sexual abuse cases. We firmly believe that victims deserve justice for all forms of sexual abuse.

Every sexual abuse case is unique, but consulting with an attorney can offer clarity and present you with legal avenues to explore.

Why Seek Relief Now for Childhood Sexual Abuse?

As a survivor, your voice deserves to be heard. It’s never too late to reach out to a sexual abuse lawyer in Puyallup. We actively encourage survivors to pursue their sexual abuse claims and seek justice, holding abusers accountable for their actions. Taking this step empowers you to reclaim control and begin the journey towards healing and closure.

You deserve to live a fulfilling and happy life, regardless of the challenges you’ve endured in the past. Let our sexual abuse attorneys in Puyallup fight for the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve!

Who Can Be Held Accountable for Sexual Abuse Claims?

Depending on the specifics of your sexual abuse case, various parties can be held accountable for their misconduct. Our sexual abuse attorneys in Puyallup have advocated for clients not only against the perpetrators but also against institutions that failed to safeguard them. This may encompass any of the following scenarios:

  • Failure to monitor particular individuals at a school, hospital, church, extra-curricular club like Boy Scouts, or sporting events
  • Failure to train employees in the oversight of children
  • Failure to report suspected abuse
  • Sexual discrimination or sexual harassment by a landlord or employer

How Long Do Sexual Abuse Claims Take?

Like all legal matters, the resolution timeline for a sexual abuse claim is not set in stone. However, these cases often follow one of two paths:

Pre-litigation Settlement

Pre-litigation settlements usually occur through a confidential process. Our Puyallup attorneys thoroughly investigate the claim and present it to the responsible party before initiating a lawsuit. This approach often leads to a mutually agreeable settlement in a shorter timeframe than a trial.

Formal Lawsuit

Upon filing a lawsuit, a trial date is typically set within approximately one year. With a formal lawsuit, abuse victims gain access to court-approved evidence collection procedures. At Washington Law Center, our attorneys diligently prepare for trial from the outset, ensuring readiness to pursue your case to verdict if necessary. Ultimately, a jury will determine fault and decide on damages.

Regardless of the chosen path, our sexual abuse attorneys in Puyallup will meticulously discuss all available options with you and your family, empowering you to make informed decisions.

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Client Reviews

It is so difficult to personally endure this type of litigation process but with WLC’s compassion, professionalism, expertise, responsiveness and friendship we felt so much support through it all. They worked so hard to obtain fair settlements on both of our cases and we are forever grateful for their commitment to their clients.

C. Garrett

Washington Law Center is an amazing group of justice advocates. They show care and compassion while looking for your best interests for you and your loved ones.

K. Flyte

Excellent at their profession, responsive, dependable, friendly, local – they have my business for life.

-J. Rastovski

Best Sexual Abuse Lawyer Near Me

While we hope you never find yourself in need of legal assistance for a sexual abuse claim, should the need arise, please know that Washington Law Center is here to support you. Situated in the heart of the city, our Puyallup sexual abuse law office is located just minutes from MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital.

With over a decade of experience advocating for sexual abuse victims across Washington state, Washington Law Center is dedicated to fighting for your rights. You won’t pay any fees unless we successfully win your case.

Contact us today for a complimentary case evaluation, either by phone or by submitting your information online.


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