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Example L&I Cases We’ve Fought & Won

  • Total Knee Replacement is Causally-Related (Chappel)
  • Shoulder Injury was Consequential to Low Back Injury (Regan)
  • Mental Health Condition is Causally-Related (Humphreys)
  • OATS Ankle Surgery is Proper and Necessary (Lewis)
  • Dental Implants are Proper and Necessary (Jones)
  • Spine Surgery is Proper and Necessary and Causally-Related
  • 24-Hour At-Home Nursing Care is Proper and Necessary
  • Assaulted Worker was In the Course of Employment
  • Death Occurred While Totally Permanently Disabled
  • Death Was Casually-Related to Chemical Exposure
  • Injury Pensions, Injury Pensions and More Injury Pensions

Employers, TPA’s and Defense Attorneys We’ve Battled Successfully:

  • AIG
  • Amazon
  • Boeing
  • Broadspire
  • Comprehensive Risk Management
  • Corvel
  • Crawford & Company
  • Costco
  • D
  • Eberle Vivian
  • Esis
  • F
  • Gallagher Bassett
  • General Dynamics
  • Helmsman Management
  • King County
  • Liberty Management Services
  • King County
  • Sedgwick – Boeing
  • Sedgwick – CMS
  • Walmart
  • Workers Compensation Solutions
  • Zurich

File an L&I Claim

  • Industrial Injury Claim Center
  • Occupational Disease Claim Center
    • What A Broken Body Means
    • Newly Displaced Workers
    • Workers Close to Retirement
    • Statute of Limitations
  • File a Protest or Appeal
  • Can You Sue Your Employer?

Types of L&I Settlements

What Do L&I Attorneys Cost?

  • On-going L&I Benefits
  • Back-Due Benefits
  • Pension Benefits
  • CRSSA Settlements
  • PPD Awards
  • Side-Bar Settlements
  • Personal Injury Cases

What Do L&I Attorneys Do?

  • At the Department of Labor & Industries
  • At the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals
  • At the Higher Courts

Medical Care

  • Right to Choose Own Doctor
  • Preexisting Condition ARE Covered
  • Proper and Necessary Treatment Covered
  • Utilization Review – Comagine
  • What if Treatment is Denied?
  • Can I Use My Private Insurance?
  • Diagnostic Tests Covered
  • Experimental Treatments
  • Health Technology Clinical Committee (HTCC)
  • Treatment Guidelines
  • Palliative Care Not Covered
  • Rules for Pain Medication

Time Loss Compensation Benefits

  • Payment Orders
  • Requirements to Get Paid
  • Statutory Right to Payment
  • Retroactive Certification
  • Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)
  • Light-Duty Job Offers
  • Change of Circumstances Payments
  • Social Security Offsets

Loss of Earning Power (LEP) Benefits

  • Computation of Payments

Penalties Against Self-Insured Employers

  • Claim Processing Rule Violations
  • Failure to Pay Benefits Timely
  • Failure to Provide Claim File
  • Waiver of Penalty by Director
  • Other Bases for Penalties

Permanent Partial Disability Awards

  • Headaches
  • Depression/Anxiety/Mental Health
  • Cervical Spine
  • Thoracic Spine
  • Lumbar Spine
  • Upper Extremity
  • Lower Extremity
  • Other Body Parts

Vocational Training

  • Don’t Trust the VRC
  • Vocational Disputes
  • Early Intervention Assessments
  • Return To Work Priorities
  • Option 1 Benefits
  • Option 2 Benefits
  • Job Analyses
  • Plan Development Phase
  • Failure of Retraining

L&I Pension Benefits

L&I Mental Healthcare Benefits

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Adjustment Disorder
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Category of Impairments Listings

L&I Death Benefits

  • Death Caused by Industrial Injury
  • Death Occurs During Permanent Total Disability
  • Pension Benefits for Surviving Spouse

L&I Travel Reimbursement Benefits

  • Rules on Reimbursements
  • Travel Reimbursement Form

Claim Suppression and Retaliation

  • Claim Suppression Rules and Realities
  • Claim Suppression Penalties
  • Decertification of Self-Insured Employer

Third-Party Claim Rights

  • Personal Injury Suits for Work-Related Injuries
  • Advance Payment of Compensation Concept
  • Designation of Personal Injury Attorney
  • Effect of Failure to Designate Own Attorney

Reopening an L&I Claim

  • Applicable Burden of Proof
  • Over-7 Reopening Issues

Classic Industrial Insurance Act Claims

Independent Medical Exams

  • Do I Need an Attorney
  • Notice of IME Required
  • How to Behave at Your IME
  • Failure to Attend IME Exam
  • IME Concurrence Process
  • Can Your Attorney Attend?
  • Can You Take a Friend?
  • Can You Record the Exam
  • How To Obtain the IME Report
  • Complain about IME Examiner
  • Fun Facts About the IME Process
  • IME Fraud is Real

Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals

  • Do You Need an Attorney at the BIIA?
  • Nobody Should be Unrepresented
  • Representation By Non-Attorneys
  • Mediation
  • Scheduling Conferences
  • Litigation Scheduling Orders
  • Discovery
    • Interrogatories
    • Requests for Production
    • Requests for Admission
    • CR 35 Exams
    • Discovery Depositions
  • Motions
  • Hearings
    • Court Rules
    • Rules of Evidence
    • Subpoenas
    • Prima Facie Case Requirement
    • Judge Cannot Advocate
    • Sequestration of Witnesses
    • Direct Examination
    • Cross Examination
    • Perpetuation Depositions
    • What to Wear?
  • Memoranda
  • Tips for Testimony
  • Sanctions and Contempt
  • Proposed Decision and Order
  • Decision and Order
  • Interlocutory Review
  • Petition for Review
  • Interest on Awards

Appealing to Superior Courts

  • How to File
  • Attorney Fees & Costs Recoverable
  • Attorney Fee Computation
  • Costs

Important Doctrines and Rules:

  • Outlawed Common Law Doctrines
    • Fellow-Servant Rule
    • Assumption of Risk
    • Contributory Negligence
  • Personal Comfort Doctrine
  • Coming and Going Rule
  • Parking Lots Excluded from Coverage
  • Compensable Consequences Doctrine
  • Liberal Construction Doctrine

A History of Workers’ Compensation

  • Workers Compensation in Antiquity
  • Modern Workers Compensation History
  • Washington Workers’ Compensation
    • Industrial Insurance Act of 1911
    • Industrial Insurance Act of Today

Legislative Priorities in Labor & Industries Claims:

  • Relax the Rules of Evidence and Procedure in L&I Matters
  • Vest Full Equitable Powers in the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals
  • Adopt Continuing Jurisdiction for L&I Matters
  • Let All Licensed Medical Providers Treat Injured Workers
  • Adopt Presumptive Approval for Certain Diagnostic Tests
  • Regulate Independent Medical Examiner Fraud
  • Stop Punishing Injury Worker Suicide
  • Protect Attending Providers and Workers Against Abusive Defense Attorneys
  • Adopt Catastrophic Injury Benefits Reform

Client Instructions

  • Social Distancing Ethics
  • Use Secure Access
  • Injured Worker Duties
  • Behavior in Doctor Offices
  • Treat Your Paralegal with Respect
  • When to Use Email Communication
  • When to Call Your Paralegal
  • How to Obtain an Attorney Appointment
  • What if I Don’t Get a Call-Back?
  • How Do I Set Up Direct Deposit?
  • Can I Pick Up My Check?

L&I Resources

  • L&I Forms
  • PPD Schedules
  • PPD Calculator
  • LawByPhone App
  • L&I Video Library

Featured L&I Attorneys


Spencer Parr

Partner, Labor & Industries / Personal Injury Attorney

Una Legin

Associate, Workers’ Compensation Attorney
Scott Goodrich

Scott Goodrich

Associate, Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Alden Byrd

Associate, Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Jonathan Burr

Associate, Workers’ Compensation Attorney
Sara Sheikh - Washington Labor & Industries Attorney - Workers' Compensation Litigation Lawyer - Washington Law Center

Sara Sheikh

Associate, Workers’ Compensation Attorney


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