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Do I Have An Injury Case?

Every injury case is unique.

There are specific factors that you and your attorney can review together to help assess whether or not you have a valid injury claim from the standpoint of the law.

Before you call an attorney…

You may want to consider the following question to determine if contacting an attorney for legal advice is the right next step for you.

Did you seek or require medical attention after being injured in an accident?

Going to the emergency room or seeing a doctor immediately after an accident with injuries is the right thing to do for your health, and it’s also helpful in building your case.


If you did not seek medical treatment in a reasonable amount of time after an accident, it is highly likely that an insurance adjuster, Department of Labor & Industries or a jury will assume that you weren’t injured at all. It sends the wrong message about the seriousness of your claim.

If you were injured in accident that was not your fault, you should seek medical attention immediately and contact Washington Law Center today.


A Valid Injury Claim Has…

  • A Responsible Party
  • Negligence
  • Injury and/or Negative Effect

You May Not Have A Case If…

  • You were responsible for your injury
  • You (or a loved one) were NOT injured

What Should I Do Next?

Review your case with an experienced Washington injury attorney.


Other important factors…

Damages, liability, and the level of insurance coverage you or the at-fault party has are important. This type of assessment is complex and is best done with an experienced injury attorney. Washington Law Center is here to help you to determine if legal action is appropriate or necessary for your particular situation. Do not hesitate to reach out today for a free case consultation.

No Fee Until You Win

At Washington Law Center, we have a “No-Fee Promise” with all of our injury cases. Our attorney fees are contingent, so you pay no fees until we win!

Learn More Today.

We are real, local Washington attorneys dedicated to helping our clients receive fair compensation and get back on their feet.

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