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Landlord Sexual Harassment Attorney In Washington - Washington Law Center

Landlord Sexual Harassment: Have You Been A Victim of Sexual Discrimination, Harassment, or Retaliation By Your Landlord?

What Is Landlord Sexual Harassment? Tenants have the right to live in their home free from harassment and discrimination. Unfortunately, many landlords abuse their inherent power by subjecting their tenants to sexual harassment. Sexual harassment includes inappropriate comments, behavior, or touching, and is illegal under Washington State law. Tenants who…

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Emerging Trend: Communication and Resolution Programs

It is no secret that hospitals, although often not for profit, are in the business of making money by providing medical care.  It is seemingly a simple exchange until something goes wrong. 

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, and based on its collected data, medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the United States. One logical inference from that statistic is that you are more likely to die from the medical treatment at any given facility than you are for the actual condition you are there for. This is not to suggest there is any malice or intent on behalf of these providers but the statistics speak for themselves.

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Personal Injury Statute of Limitations In Washington State

Were you or a loved one injured by or because of another person? You may have a personal injury claim, including a lawsuit to recover injury damages, lost wages, compensation for medical bills and property damages, and more; but your time is limited. To determine the statute of limitations on your claim, you first need to know what type of claim you have. As an overview, Washington’s personal injury statute of limitations is the legal timeframe you have to commence your action in court.

Meaning that, if you wait until after the Washington statute of limitations to expire, you will be barred from filing a lawsuit and will collect nothing.

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How Do I Get A Police Report?

If you've been involved in a car accident in Washington, you may be wondering how to obtain a police report for your own benefit and for insurance purposes. Many people involved in an auto accident believe that the paper they receive at the scene of the vehicle collision is the…

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