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Are You Employable After Your Work Injury?

July 9th, 2018 Posted by Labor & Industries 0 comments on “Are You Employable After Your Work Injury?”

Under Washington Administrative Code, Chapter 296-19A, the Department of Labor and Industries has outlined requirements for finding an injured worker capable of either returning to work or being retrained. If the Department finds that the injured worker is not “employable” even with the assistance of retraining, then an injury pension results; except where the injured worker’s lack of employability is caused by a post-accident or post-disease condition.

Using the Industrial Insurance Act to Determine If You Are Able to Work

“Employable” is defined by WAC 296-19A-010(a) saying that “having the skills and training that are currently necessary in the labor market to be capable of performing and obtaining gainful employment on a reasonably continuous basis when considering the worker’s:Continue Reading Are You Employable After Your Work Injury?

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