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What Are An Injured Worker’s L&I Protest Rights?

August 20th, 2018 Posted by Labor & Industries 0 comments on “What Are An Injured Worker’s L&I Protest Rights?”

Effect of a Labor & Industries Protest

A Department of Labor & Industries order becomes final 60 days after the Department communicates the order to the required parties unless a written request for reconsideration, also known as a “protest,” or an appeal is filed. See RCW 51.52.050(1). A protest “automatically operates to set aside the Department’s order and hold in abeyance the final adjudication of the matter until the Department officially acts to issue its final decision by a ‘further appealable order.’” Santos Alonzo, 56,833 and 56,833A, 1981 WL 375946, at *3 (Wash. Bd. of Indus. Ins. Appeals Dec. 9, 1981); (RCW 51.52.060).Continue Reading What Are An Injured Worker’s L&I Protest Rights?

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