There are 3,000 train accidents every year. If you have been a victim in a train accident, you may be eligible for compensation and should contact a train accident attorney immediately.

Every year almost 1,000 deaths are caused by train accidents in the United States. The size and weight of a train paired with the force generated by locomotives can make even the smallest of accidents result in catastrophic injuries or even death.

Train accident lawsuits are subject to different laws than vehicle accident lawsuits. They will often involve many different parties that could be held liable. In Washington, the statute of limitations is also much different. It is crucial to your lawsuit to have the aid of a train accident lawyer to help navigate this difficult process.

Railroad carriers and their insurance companies are going to work hard to get you to settle for the lowest amount possible. They will often rush these settlements because they know the train accident victim is inexperienced with railroad accident law. They take advantage of victims who are unaware of how much they are entitled to. The experienced attorneys of Washington Law Center are familiar with train accident law and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. If we can’t win your case, you don’t owe us a thing.

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Different Causes of Train Accidents

  • Railroad Crossing Accidents

    An accident with a train can occur when a truck or car is struck at a railroad crossing. This type of collision can be caused by a number of different reasons. Train and railroad accidents are not just limited to motor vehicles. Pedestrians sometimes can be hit by trains or fall off a train platform.

    Common causes of a railroad crossing accidents are:

    • Signals or gates that are defective
    • Objects that stick out too far from the train
    • The train failed to sound its horn as it approached the crossing
    • The train failed to use its lights as it approached the crossing
    • The railroad crossing was obstructed by plants or other objects

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  • Derailment Accidents

    Train accidents caused by derailment are usually the most severe in terms of damage. Derailments occur because of failure to follow safety protocol and standards. They can also occur due to:

    • Obstacles or objects on the railroad tracks
    • Faulty equipment or tracks
    • Too much weight in the cargo on the train
    • Improper switching of train tracks
    • Improper rail inspection

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  • No Collision Train Accidents

    Collisions and derailments are not always the cause of a train accident. On rare occasions, a pedestrian or bystander can slip and fall under a train. Even though this may seem like a personal injury case, you’ll still need an experienced train accident attorney to help navigate the process.

    If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a train accident, you’ll want to contact the attorneys at Washington Law Center for a free private consultation today!

  • Train Employee Negligence or Sabotage

    Most train accidents are subject to railroad safety investigations. These investigations may discover negligence or reckless conduct by an employee of the railroad company played a factor in the accident that occurred. Examples of railroad employee negligence may involve:

    • Failure to signal the horn of the train
    • Bad operating practices and policies
    • Train operator fatigue
    • Illegal drug use or being intoxicated while on the job
    • Excessive speed

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