Is my claim too small to hire a personal injury attorney?

On a fairly regular basis, potential clients will ask whether their case is “big” enough for a personal injury attorney to handle. The answer is almost always yes. In very rare circumstances do we believe that our education and experience can not be a benefit to those who have been injured. Most individuals do not understand who should be paying their medical expenses, what to say to an insurance company, or what the general value of their personal injury claim is. The personal injury attorneys at Washington Law Center pride themselves in taking the burden of the claims process off their clients. Those that have suffered injuries in an auto collision (or any type of vehicle collision) should be spending their time and energy getting better, not worrying about the many interested insurance companies and adjusters.  In sum, we always recommend those injured in an accident to get a free consultation so that you can discuss the specific issues related to your case with a personal injury attorney and how to make sure your rights are protected.

What is the personal injury statute of limitations in Washington?

To determine the statute of limitations on your personal injury claim you’ll first know what type of claim you have. As an overview, the statute of limitations is the legal timeframe you have to commence your action in court. Meaning that if you wait until after the statute of limitations to expire you will be barred from filing suit and will collect nothing.

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The insurance company said I don’t need a personal injury attorney. Is that true?

The benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney

Washington Law Center will ensure that your medical expenses are properly paid back and afford you time to heal.  If you’re concerned with the cost of an attorney, we find that there is a great value in hiring the right practitioner. Taking the worry out of the claims process can be a great benefit to someone injured in a car accident. Washington Law Center offers a free consultation to anyone who thinks that they may have a personal injury lawsuit or is dealing with a misleading insurance company.  Let our experienced attorneys bring our expertise to your side so we can make certain that you get what you deserve.

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What damages are available in my personal injury claim?

Washington Law Center understands just how devastating a personal injury claim can be to you and your family. A personal injury claim may leave you out of work, accumulating medical expenses, and trying to manage your daily life all while suffering in pain. Unfortunately, the insurance system is not designed to assist the injured victim as much as protect the insured party. You most certainly should pursue damages through the claims process. Having a personal injury attorney involved gives you the peace of mind that you are not being taken advantage of by big insurance companies.

You should be able to recover all of your reasonable and necessary medical expenses when you suffer a personal injury with another party being at fault. This includes past and future medical expenses. You are also entitled to any lost wages and any future lost wages that are a result of the injury. There’s also potential reimbursement for any medical equipment, home modifications or domestic services that may be needed as a result of your temporary or permanent disability. Also, and often most significantly, you should be compensated for the pain and suffering that you endured as a result of someone’s negligence. This goes for past, present and future pain that you can anticipate as the result of the accident. Lastly, any loss of enjoyment of your life, disability, or disfigurement should be calculated in the damages you wish to pursue.

At Washington Law Center, we recognize that each incident, claim, and injury is different. Our experienced personal injury attorneys can provide you with the assistance you need to make certain that you are properly compensated for any and all losses associated with your personal injury case.


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I was engaged in a civil matter that required timely response and knowledge of an intricate business structure. Mr. Dennis was VERY prompt in receiving, reading, and comprehending the massive amounts of documentation that I had sent over. In addition to his responsiveness, he was very intelligent and respectful for what the situation called for to resolve the matter. I would recommend Mr. Dennis if you are looking for a trust worthy attorney who truly has the best interests of his client in mind.


Ashton responds promptly to phone calls and provides legal advice in plain speak. I always feel he has my best interest at heart – which is something I have never associated with an attorney before meeting him. I highly recommend Ashton as a legal advocate with a proven track record and a heart of gold.


Ashton Dennis was amazing. He handled my case with extraordinary confidence, integrity and compassion. Thank you so much Ashton I could not have done this without you and your fantastic team!


Ashton did a great job making me feel comfortable. He worked 24/7 on my case and really took the weight off my shoulders. He had a professional and strong approach mixed with a understanding and likeable personality. He was instantaneous with his responses and went far beyond what we had originally agreed upon. It is easy to tell that Ashton not only has a vast amount of knowledge about the industry but that he also cares about his clients. I could go on and on, but overall, he is the ideal lawyer in my mind. I would recommend Ashton to anyone seeking a professional lawyer that they can TRUST!


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