Individuals who suffer an injury at the hands of a physician, doctor, nurse or other healthcare personnel due to substandard medical care or negligence are entitled to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit in Washington.

When you visit a medical professional you expect to receive care that meets basic health industry standards. If by some unfortunate chance you received incorrect care that resulted in a serious medical issue, you would be entitled to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Washington Law Center understands the complexities associated with medical malpractice claims. We are ready to fight for you. Our experienced medical malpractice attorneys have a network of medical experts to help us analyze your case to determine exactly how you were wronged. We have extensive knowledge of the issues that warrant a valid medical malpractice case. As your medical malpractice attorney, we are ready to win your case against insurance carriers or the party responsible.

Our team of medical malpractice lawyers is ready to take on your case against negligent medical providers. Washington Law Center will hold them accountable for your pain and suffering. We will discuss your options and what steps you can take to move your situation to a positive conclusion. Washington Law Center’s attorneys have a no fee promise. If we do not win your case, you won’t owe us any attorney fees.

We fight, you win.

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Washington Medical Malpractice Attorney FAQ

  • How common is medical malpractice in Washington?

    How common is medical malpractice in Washington?

    Because many people view medicine as a science rather than an art, people tend to assume mistakes by medical professionals are extremely rare. However, a staggering number of people are harmed by health care professionals. A look at medical malpractice statistics provide a somewhat alarming picture:

    • Preventable medical errors claim the lives of approximately 440,000 people annually. To put this number in context, medical malpractice by medical providers causes in excess of 13 times more deaths annually than motor vehicle accidents. [Journal of Patient Safety]
    • One third of all patients admitted into hospitals are the victim of a medical error or omission. [Health Affairs]
    • Wrong site, wrong procedure, wrong patient errors (referred to as “never events” because they should never occur) happen as often as 40 times per week in U.S. hospitals. [Archives of Surgery]
    • Healthcare associated infections (infections acquired in a medical setting like a hospital) impact 772,000 people annually and cause 75,000 deaths. [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]

  • What defines medical malpractice and would be cause for hiring a medical malpractice attorney?

    What are defines medical malpractice and would be cause for a medical malpractice lawsuit?

    While it is natural to view medical diagnosis and treatment as an exact science, the facts provided above reveal that the art of medicine is decidedly imperfect. Medical errors can occur for many reasons that include incompetence, distraction, inadequate procedures, substance impairment, defective medical equipment and a multitude of other reasons. Some common types of medical malpractice include:

    • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis (cancer, heart attack, stroke, deep vein thrombosis)
    • Birth injuries (cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy)
    • Medication errors (improper dosage or administration)
    • Surgical errors (wrong site, wrong patient, wrong procedure, puncturing organs)
    • Anesthesia errors (overdose, lack of monitoring, allergies, defective equipment, improper intubation)
    • Improper treatment

  • Why should I hire a medical malpractice attorney instead of doing this on my own?

    Why should I hire a medical malpractice attorney instead of doing this on my own?

    While an experienced personal injury attorney is necessary to effectively pursue any type of personal injury claim, this is especially true for medical malpractice cases. Law firms who specialize in medical malpractice lawsuit cases work closely with a broad network of medical experts to analyze medical records, establish the applicable standard of care, identify deviations from that standard and present medical evidence to lay juries in an understandable manner. In most states, you cannot even file a lawsuit for medical malpractice without the case being evaluated by a medical expert. Our Washington medical malpractice attorneys have extensive knowledge of the issues in these types of cases and routinely collaborate with medical experts.

    A Washington medical malpractice law firm also will have the financial resources to effectively litigate these cases against medical malpractice insurance carriers. Our medical malpractice lawyers have the skill and knowledge to understand complex medical evidence and to cope with challenges related to proving substandard treatment and that such treatment caused injury to the patient.

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