Do you have a building defect in your family home? Is a general contractor, subcontractor, architect, or builder responsible for this construction defect?

If you trusted a professional to do quality work and they failed to deliver the work you expected, Washington Law Centers will fight for you.

Our Seattle and Tacoma construction defect attorneys and will represent you or your Washington homeowner’s association against those who are responsible for a construction defect claim on your property. We have a proven track record in handling cases involving a broad range of building defects.

Litigation on these cases can involve a number of different companies that may or may not have involvement in the defect. Washington Law Center has experience handling complex construction defect litigation that can involve numerous parties. Often times, our experienced building defect lawyers have successfully negotiated settlements without ever going to court. Our Seattle attorneys and Tacoma attorneys will fight for your rights in all phases of the case, making sure your litigation is properly handled from start to finish. We can also handle any appeals, when necessary.

Regardless of you being a homeowner or homeowner’s association, the construction defect lawyers of Washington Law Center can help you seek compensation for defects that compromise the value, comfort or use of your home.

We fight, you win.

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Washington Construction Defect Laws FAQ

  • What types of issues in building defects can lead to construction litigation?

    What types of issues in building defects can lead to construction litigation?

    Our Seattle construction defect lawyers and Tacoma construction defect lawyers have the experience and success to pursue the best outcome in all types of construction litigation involving a wide range of factors, including but not limited to the following:

    • Breach of warranty disputes
    • New home construction
    • Commercial projects
    • Design, engineering and execution defects
    • Flashing systems
    • Sub-standard foundation systems
    • HVAC issues
    • Grading and fill
    • Fire, assembly or structural defects
    • Faulty waterproofing
    • Roofing issues
    • Waterproofing membranes
    • Water intrusion and mold claims
    • Drainage problems
    • Building code violations
    • Improper site preparation
    • Door and window water penetration
    • Stucco cracking

  • What can I expect from Washington Law Center if I choose them to represent me as my building defect lawyer?

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    When property owners and associations pursue construction defect claims, insurance coverage by the many parties involved in the litigation will be an important issue. Our Washington construction defect attorneys have experience dealing with the full range of insurance carriers which includes homeowner’s associations, developers, contractors and individual homeowners. We routinely assist clients in evaluating insurance coverage and obtaining benefits against our clients’ carriers and the insurance companies of other parties involved in the litigation. We also prosecute and defend actions for declaratory judgments to obtain a ruling upholding coverage.

    When you are a property owner, you expect that the workmanship and materials involved in the construction of your home or business will comply with contractual requirements and industry standards. When construction projects fail to meet your expectations, you may experience water intrusion, compromised structural integrity, violations of building codes and mold issues. Our construction defect law firm can seek the financial compensation to compensate you for your loss.

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