Regardless of how your burn injury was caused, the physical and psychological scar will last a lifetime. Let us help you get compensated for not only your pain and suffering, but also the overwhelming medical bills and lost wages.

Apartment fires, workplace injuries, electrical burns and much more can be the result of someone else’s negligence, leaving you with a permanent burn injury. Each year there are roughly 1.1 million burn injuries in the United States that require medical attention.  These injuries result in immense pain and can potentially lead to disfigurement, life-threatening infections and deep emotional distress. In many cases, the victim of a burn injury may find themselves out of work for an extended period of time. This victim is entitled to compensation for their pain, suffering and lost wages.

Landlords, companies who performed work that didn’t follow code and the insurance adjusters that represent them will do their best to minimize payouts to burn injury victims. That’s where our burn injury lawyers come in.

Our personal injury attorneys have spent years winning burn injury cases. If you are a burn victim and want to be compensated fairly, it is imperative to contact us today!

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Washington Burn Injury Lawyer FAQ

  • The Three Severities of Burn Injuries

    The Three Severities of Burn Injuries

    First-Degree Burn: These burns are characterized when burns occupy the top layer of skin with minor inflammation and redness. These burns will usually heal within a week and can be easily treated with topical cream and cool water.

    Second-Degree Burn: With these burns the damage goes beyond just the top layer of your skin. The skin may be extremely red and blister. Second-degree burns may take weeks to heal and should be handled and bandaged properly.

    Third-Degree Burn: This is the most extreme of three categories of burns. The damage will extend through all layers of skin and can affect your internal organs. The wound will be black or white, dry and have some charring. These burns can cause permanent nerve damage and potentially death. If you have third degree burns, you need to seek emergency medical treatment immediately.

  • ``What If My Landlord Was Negligent?``

    “What If My Landlord Was Negligent?”

    Careless landlords who avoid their duties to their tenants are often the cause of fires that result in burn injuries. State and federal laws dictate how landlords and property managers must protect tenants from fire. Rules about smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and more are in place to help prevent fires or injuries from fire.

    Despite these laws being in place, many landlords and property managers blatantly ignore them. They fail to comply with government regulations, parent company policies and procedures for fire safety. If your property manager was negligent in following fire safety laws, they can be held responsible for any burn injuries that have occurred from a fire.

  • ``What If A Defective Product is Liable for My Burn Injury?``

    “What If A Defective Product is Liable for My Burn Injury?”

    In certain circumstances, the negligence of a landlord isn’t the main culprit behind a fire. The cause could be from a serious defect in a product that was intended to protect your family in case of a fire.

    Certain types of smoke protectors have come under scrutiny for failing to detect fires in a reasonable amount of time. These are often the cheapest type to purchase and they are often found in the homes after deadly house fires. These detectors have been known to take up to 30 minutes longer to sound an alarm and alert a family of a fire. There are even states that have banned these types of smoke detectors.

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